Supermax Corporation Berhad
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Investor Relations: Analysts Reports
Affin Investment Bank Bhd
Date Title
20121127 Results intact, on track to achieve our full year forecast
20121008 Affin maintains OVERWEIGHT call on Rubber Gloves sector
20120529 Aided by recovery in associate contribution
20120229 Impacted by clearance of higher priced stocks
20120126 Bouncing back in 2012
02/11/2011 Rewarding shareholders with a 1-for-1 bonus issue
25/08/2011 Revamping capacity expansion plans
26/03/2014 Oversupply not yet an issue
07/02/2014 H1N1 scare returns
20131204 A cheaper proxy
20131129 On track to meet our FY13 growth forecast of +13%
20130904 Capacity and efficiencies to drive earnings growth
27/07/2010 Sturdy demand to support 2H10
19/04/2010 1Q10 results trump expectations
11/01/2010 Still upbeat on this Star Performer of 2009
16/12/2009 Best of both worlds : offers growth and yields
20130828 Inline: Most attractively priced glove producer
20130531 Supermax 1QFY13 : Below our expectation by 5%
20130408 A lift from H9N7 viral outbreak in China
20130227 All is well-within expectation
Alliance Research Sdn Bhd
Date Title
20120529 Supermax 1QFY12 results in line, making up 22.2% of our full year forecasts
20120208 Sector Update : Not the time to buy yet...
20120208 Supermax, the super marketing expert !!!
20/04/2010 Impressive quarter to kickstart
14/10/2009 Up Up and Away
AmResearch Sdn Bhd
Date Title
20130227 FY12 earnings rise on sustained glove demand
20121122 Initiation Report
BIMB Securities Research
Date Title
20130531 Supermax 1QFY13 Results Review
20130227 Supermax 4QFY12 Results Review : In-line as expected
20120229 Supermax 4QFY11 Results : In-line as expected
20111115 Rubber Glove Sector Update : Rubber price all the way down
20111025 Supermax 3QFY11 Results : In-line
20110829 Rubber Glove Sector Update : A better tomorrow?
20120529 Supermax 1QFY12 Results Review : Below Recovery Slower Than Expected
CIMB Investment Bank Bhd
Date Title
25/10/2011 Supermax 3Q11 Results : Getting the bounce back in its step
25/08/2011 Supermax Corporation Not-so-super prospects
30/05/2018 Supermax Corp 3QFY18: Still going strong
25/04/2018 Supermax Corp - Powering up
20160120 Turning the corner
20131129 Supermax 3Q13 Results Note : Still delivering
20131110 Flash Note - Supermax proposed land acquisition
20130904 Awaiting better growth
20130531 Supermax 1Q13 Results Note : Making a comeback
20130227 Supermax 4Q12 Results Note : Grip slips in FY12
20121127 Supermax 3Q12 Results : In steady hands
20120822 Supermax 2Q12 briefing : Learning to say no
20120529 Supermax 1Q12 Results : Superb rebound in 1Q
20120229 Supermax 4Q11 Results : Fits like a glove
16/05/2011 Supermax 1QFY11 inline
17/02/2011 Getting a grip post FY10 results
16/02/2011 Supermax 4QFY10 : Far from super
10/11/2010 Thumbs-up from management despite headwinds
09/11/2010 Getting to grips with latex price rise
20/10/2010 Results round-up : Not losing their touch
01/10/2010 Time to put your gloves back on
10/08/2010 Rubber Gloves : Striking back at the naysayers
25/05/2010 Midyear Strategy : Walking a tightrope?
21/04/2010 Good Health Plan
20/04/2010 Profit maxed despite concerns
15/04/2010 Still in (g)love
23/03/2010 Rubber Gloves -Results Round Up : On Growth Hormone
23/02/2010 Stretching Exercises Are On Track
22/02/2010 Handing Out Angpows
06/01/2010 Rubber Glove : In Great Shape
03/11/2009 Getting out of the grip of debt convenants
21/10/2009 Demand stretches into 2010
19/10/2009 Time for g(love)
16/10/2009 Supercharged
13/10/2009 Super Results on the way
05/08/2009 Rubber Gloves Getting to Grips with US Healthcare Reform
27/07/2009 Rubber Gloves : Packing a Punch
27/07/2009 Maximum Potential
22/07/2009 Stretching its market share
13/07/2009 Pushing to the max
13/05/2009 A better grip all round
11/05/2009 Super performance in 1Q
06/03/2009 Super fresh start to the year
Citi Investment Research
Date Title
23/04/2018 U/G to Buy: Valuation Gap to Narrow
Deutsche Bank
Date Title
20120228 FY11 in-line; volatile costs remains a challenge in 2012
10/08/2010 Rubber Gloves : Stress test - tensile strength
25/07/2010 Rubber Gloves Stretching further
06/05/2010 Deutsche Bank - Rubber Gloves : Gloving the world
20121128 9M12 results in-line on lower costs; expect a Strong 4Q
HSBC Global Research
Date Title
20140827 OW: Expecting a better 2H14
Inter-Pacific Research Sdn Bhd
Date Title
20121129 Automation paving path to better earnings
JF Apex Securities Berhad
Date Title
20120822 Benefiting from rubber price slump
20121128 Expecting a better 4Q
KAF-Seagroatt & Campbell Securities Sdn Bhd
Date Title
20140827 Supermax : A flattish quarter
20131129 Supermax : On track
20131111 Supermax : Planning for future expansion
20130828 Supermax : Sequential improvement
20121122 Lower associates
20120229 Supermax 4QFY12 Results : Decent end
25/10/2011 Supermax 3Q11 margin recovery
19/02/2010 OutPerform : Finishing Well
15/10/2009 Superb
08/05/2009 Staying focused on operations
07/05/2009 Back to basics
24/02/2009 APLI - A costly distortion
Kenanga Research
Date Title
20120822 Supermax Corporation 1HFY12 below expectations
20120605 Rubber Glove
20120529 Supermax Corporation 1QFY12 within expectations
20120229 Supermax Corporation : Expanding to surgical glove
16/05/2011 Supermax Corporation hit by high latex prices
30/05/2018 9M18 Results Within Expectations
20150302 Looking Forward to FY15
20140827 New Plants Booster in 2H14
20140106 Rubber Gloves : Bouncing Nicely into 1QCY14
20131204 Exciting Times Ahead
20131129 Solid Performance, Raised TP
20131111 A New Hub in the Pipeline
20130904 Full Steam Ahead!
20130227 Supermax Corporation 12MFY12 within expectations
02/11/2011 Supermax Corporation 1-for-1 bonus issue
23/08/2011 Supermax Corporation pinned by latex price
Kim Eng Research Sdn Bhd
Date Title
17/02/2011 Strong Headwinds
27/08/2010 Headwinds persist
20/04/2010 Headwinds are abating
22/02/2010 Roaring Business
14/10/2009 Simply SUPER
22/07/2009 Return of the Panther II
13/07/2009 Return of the Panther
11/05/2009 Bullish guidance
10/03/2009 Distressed valuations
Macquarie Capital Securities
Date Title
20121114 Macquarie's Natural Rubber Outlook for 2013
Maybank Investment Bank
Date Title
04/01/2012 Power Bites
MIDF Research
Date Title
30/05/2018 Contribution from Plant 10 & 11 boosted revenue
26/04/2018 Two-pronged approach to propel growth
19/07/2012 Super value on offer
MIMB Investment Bank
Date Title
27/08/2010 Strong 1H10 Earnings Results
24/08/2010 Supermax Corporation Bhd : Tough Enough To Meet Demand
Nomura Securities Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Date Title
21/10/2011 SUCB 3Q result note
27/09/2011 Asia Glovemakers Report
13/05/2011 1Q11 weak but everyone probably knows why
14/02/2011 Supermax FY10 meets our forecast
09/11/2010 Supermax 3Q10 Reaffirming BUY
27/09/2010 Did we miss the fat lady singing
26/08/2010 1H10 comfortably inline despite soft quarter sequentially
19/04/2010 1Q10 bottomline : More than Double y-y, up 5.5% q-q
22/03/2010 Healthcare Reform Bill Passed; Positive for Gloves' Sentiment
12/03/2010 Another Good Stretch
02/11/2011 Announces 1 for 1 bonus issue
OSK Research Sdn Bhd
Date Title
20121128 Growth Still Positive
20120823 A More Generous Dividend Payout
20120822 Profit Spikes as Latex Price Slides
20120529 Supermax Corporation 1QFY12 Results Review : Another Stable Quarter
20120229 Supermax Corp FY11 Results Review : A stable quarter
13/01/2012 Bonus Issue Ex-Date Fixed
03/01/2012 Rubber Gloves : Forging Ahead, Pandemic or No
14/11/2011 Rubber Gloves : Latex Price Collapses
27/10/2011 Supermax Corporation - Time to Jump on The Bandwagon !
Oct 24 2011 Supermax Corporation 9MFY11 Results Review - A Buoyant Quarter
16/05/2011 Supermax 1QFY11 Results Review
17/02/2011 Supermax Addressing Latex Price Spike
08/11/2010 9MFY10 Results Review : Normalising Demand Makes an Impact
21/09/2010 Negative Impact From Normalizing Demand
21/09/2010 OBM Partly Cushions Normalizing Demand
02/08/2010 Strategy Aug Sell Small Buy Big
22/06/2010 Rubber Gloves : Demand Still Ahead of Supply
23/04/2010 A Beautiful Quarter
03/03/2010 Proposes Bonus Issue
22/02/2010 Another Impressive Quarter Indeed
02/02/2010 Strategy February Outlook
13/01/2010 Rubber Glove robust demand spills over to 2010
04/01/2010 Strategy January Outlook
21/10/2009 Thirst for Gloves Stokes Demand
15/10/2009 An Exceptional Quarter
14/10/2009 Tipped to Trounce Estimates
06/08/2009 Rubber Glove Up Close with 4 Glove Plants
22/07/2009 No Change in Business Strategy
13/07/2009 Another Superb Quarter
11/05/2009 A new chapter unfolds
06/03/2009 Doing what it does best
25/02/2009 Inline if not for the impairment loss
30/09/2011 Supermax Corporation making a comeback soon
RHB Research Institute Sdn Bhd
Date Title
30/05/2018 Resilient Growth Despite Higher Gas Tariff
23/04/2018 Rebuilding For Growth
20160120 Ready, Set And Go
20141231 Consumer Non-cyclical - Rubber Products
20131204 Full Speed Ahead
20131129 Supermax 3QFY13 Another Solid Quarter
20131111 Business Park To Take Shape
20130910 Heathcare Products - Rubber Gloves
20130910 Buoyant Outlook Ahead
20130829 Healthy 1HFY13 Numbers
20130531 Supermax 1QFY13 Within Expectations
20130227 Two New Plants Coming Onstream In FY13
Standard & Poor's
Date Title
22/02/2010 Supermax 4Q09 Maintain STRONG BUY
25/01/2010 Raise to Strong Buy
23/11/2009 Supermax Update : Maintain Buy
13/07/2009 Keep STRONG Buy
11/05/2009 Recommendation: Strong Buy
25/02/2009 Recommendation: Buy
20/04/2010 S&P : Supermax 1Q10 Maintain STRONG BUY
TA Securities Holdings Bhd
Date Title
20140827 Look Beyond Temporary Earnings Disruptions
20131129 Margin Improve on Cost Mitigating Measures
20131111 Supermax Business Park in the Making
20130904 Back to the Hunting Grounds
20130829 Raw Material Prices Remain Weak
20130712 Supermax Corporation : Time to join the party
20130531 Supermax YoY Profit Up Despite Minimum Wage
20130227 Supermax FY12 Results Within Expectations
20120823 Double-Digit Earnings Growth Guidance Intact
20120529 Results Within Ours’ but Slightly Below Consensus
20120229 Spot On!
27/10/2011 Turning Point?
24/10/2011 Results within Ours’ but Below Consensus Expectations
02/11/2011 1:1 Bonus Issue
10/11/2010 Outlook Remains a Challenge but Bright Spots are Emerging
08/11/2010 3Q FY10 Results Moderated but within Expectations
21/04/2010 Demand for Rubber Gloves Still Strong
23/2/2010 Super Duper Profit !
09/02/2010 Good Time Continues
30/11/2009 5 Fingers in the Honey Pot
21/10/2009 Promising Outlook; TP raised to RM6.55
22/07/2009 High Five!
13/07/2009 Surprise Indeed